Our Team

We are a team passionate about Malaysia and all it has to offer. Our ultimate vision is going the extra mile to exceed what was promised and delivering them, with unparalleled service benchmarks, exemplary attention to detail, seamless program execution at competitive prices.



Fu Kei Cheong, CMP

General Manager
Spearheading the team, KC is accountable for the strategic direction and business development of the company.  KC carries with him a wealth of experience from Price Waterhouse and has 20 years of experience managing conventions and travel related companies within Reliance Group of Companies group that spans San Francisco, London, Paris, Sydney, Manila, Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok and Malaysia. KC is a well known figure in Malaysia's convention industry and currently is International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA) Malaysia Chapter Deputy Chairman. His depth and width of knowledge helps local organising committees to be more focused in a measurable end result. KC manages procurement and conducts reviews. To unwind after a conference, he spends time in the night market shopping for his daughter's loomband.



Rahul Bharadwaj, CMP

Director of Operations

Rahul has 11 years in the conference industry with many successful conferences held under his belt. He is the chief architect and engineer on how the conference should be operated.  He does not only sets benchmark for the company's SOP but he also trends how a congress software should be.
Rahul customises every single process of each conference and have them put into our congress software; planning only the minimum human intervention to prevent errors yet human enough by anticipating response - all within a day.  As the Ringmaster, Rahul orchestrates and ensures the quality products and professional services are delivered according to the agreed timeline. He also heads the research team. Rahul hacks websites and dance on Kinect whenever a conference is completed.



Shikha Kedia

Manager, Faculty and Attendee

Shikha have close to 8 years of conference experience managing key client accounts registrations, both online and onsite.  She is also experienced in producing successful bids for clients bidding for 9 international events.  Resting on her shoulders, she manages and regulates the complex and voluminous abstracts review processes.

She focus primarily on client servicing and managing the budget.  She takes up the accountability of registration, abstracts and producing the post mortem reports during conferences.  Shikha relaxes after each conference by doing household chores!


Steven Mah

Manager, Destination Management and Event Research

Steven has 5 years of experience supervising destination management services, researching on bids and digital marketing.  His forte is the operations management of the full spectrum of DMC services which includes sales program, operation processes and logistics control.  He is incharge of the Housing Bureau, Logistics and Onsite Staffing whenever there is a conference is in Malaysia. Steven winds down each event with an explosive night of partying.






Clients Testimonials

Working with Reliance, I would like to describe as flexible, innovative and reliable. Above all it is delightful to work with a wonderful team, where freindlines, hospitality and product quality is a high priority! Reliance is our true partner in Malaysia.
- Patrizia Struchel
333Travel, The Netherlands
Its FUNtastic working with Reliance team which is so well prepared with benchmarks and checklist, proactive yet so fun loving.
- Angela Whytehall
Incentive Inc USA
Reliance provided the perfect solutions. They have the expertise and mindshare we needed coupled with flexibility in the level of support. They are good and be trusted to do what they say.
- Carmen Cordova
World Vision, Canada
The services are excellent and the team I worked with is great. No request is out of the question and usually can be accommodated within the given budget and in a reasonable timeframe. Very responsive team and easy company to work with. I enjoyed my partnership with Reliance.
- Satu Varjo
Oy Aurinkomatkat, Finland
I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation for the work that Reliance has done for us. You exceeded our expectations.
- Dr. Venerand Barendegere
Ministry of Defence, Burundi
I want to thank you for the outstanding job your team did for this conference. The feedback from our committees and delegates are excellent. Reliance made our conference a big success.
- Sirisha Alluri
Subex World, India
Reliance's enthusiasm and delight was remarkable. The conference has been a resounding success. A huge thank you to you & your team.
- Kirsty John
Infiniti Events, Australia
From initial enquiry to wrap up, Reliance is always helpful, professional and prompt showing genuine interest in our objectives and very enthusiastic during the conference ensuring that we were not only enjoying ourselves, but also taking away valuable learnings.
- Sara Murray
Imigination, UK
The feedback was extremely positive from all involved. It was a great conference and came together well. Thank you!
- Oshin-Olumide Oluseyi
Bioenterprise, Japan
Very well organised and executed. Overall the experience was positive with participants feedback that it was the best conference of its type they had ever participated. Without your team input, professionalism and dedicated to the project, we wouldn't have received the plaudits that we did! You made us look great!
- Tine Algoet
Mind and Motions, Belgium
Thanks to you and your team for delivering a memorable conference. As you are aware we were constrained by time but you managed the impact and deadlines perfectly. It is still being talked about.
- Angela Keung
Amway HongKong
I wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for all your help extended and the event support you & your team provided was absolutely fantastic! Keep up the good work! With deep appreciation!
- Gianni.Revelli
Allianzbank, Italy
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